Guest Room Entertainment

Otrum Interactive TV

Built on a HTML5 foundation, Otrum software works across multiple platforms and delivers a seamless user experience across TVs, tablets and smart phones. Powerful tools are provided for branding and customisation, including graphical languages such as Arabic and Russian.


And, unlike other casting solutions, OtrumCast turns all your connected TVs into custom, digital signage that lets your brand update its messaging across thousands of screens in minutes.

Otrum Digital Signage

You don’t need fancy hardware to put our tools to work. In fact, the only hardware requirement is an HDMI port and you’re ready to go. If you already own smart signage displays, you can skip the set top box.


By enabling purchases via the in-room TV and mobile platform, you can significantly increase your revenue generation opportunities. Customise your storefronts to maximise online transactions – enable purchases, bookings and orders of any services that you would like to offer.


The statistics application provides insight into how Otrum interactive solutions are being used. Learn more about user engagement and optimise your platform to meet your specific user needs.

Otrum utilises the cloud to gather and analyse this large dataset. As this data analysis is hosted centrally, you can access and view all live data and historical reports through a web browser.