Guest Internet Access

Quality Internet in all hotel areas

High-Speed Internet access is an absolute necessity for hotel guests! Smartphones, tablets, notebooks – guests nowadays arrive with numerous devices which require a high quality internet connection. Therefore, the requirements for connection speed, data transfer and Wi-Fi coverage quality are increasing every day. Would you like to be fully prepared?

Professional network design

If you want your hotel network to meet all the increasing requirements, some “home” solution is not enough. Our team have great experience in LAN and Wi-Fi networks design and deployment, with high quality coverage. Thus, your guests’ laptops, tablets and smartphones will be working smoothly, both inside and outside your hotel.

Internet portal pages

The appearance of the welcome page can be adjusted to your requirements. It also has the function of automatic recognition, which can identify a smartphone or a laptop and launch the most suitable welcome page designed for the specific type of a device.

Free or charged?
Segmented services!

We do not limit the guests to any particular type of connection. Each guest requires different speed in order to use different kinds of internet services, whether these are browsing websites, downloading movies, making phone calls over the internet, or using a VPN. Our system allows guests to work with any combination of Internet services and on various business models – from free through paid to premium. We are also able to provide multi-tiered service, where guests can use free Internet, and in case of need, switch to the paid service. It is all up to you, which business model and what type of services you wish to provide to your guests.

Our internet solution is fully integrated to the hotel PMS. Thanks to our interface, we can meet the demands of your VIP guests, to whom we can automatically grant unique parameters of the service, you wish them to have.

Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth allocation is a very important feature that allows every guest to get the connection speed he has ordered. The chosen speed is guaranteed both for conference participants and for guests in the rooms. We can assign the bandwidth to a specific device, or to the whole room/guest account.

Load Balancing & Security

Does your hotel need to provide a higher bandwidth? Do you want to be sure that in case of failure of one internet service provider, your guests will not lose their Internet connection? You can easily avoid these issues by using our system’s function called load balancing.

Monitoring 24×7

After successful installation, your hotel will not remain unattended. Personal contact improves the customer‘s overall experience and as a result increases his loyalty.
Therefore, all our systems are supported by 24×7 monitoring by our international call center. Our HelpLine provides immediate technical support to hotel guests and staff in 8 international languages. Our principle is that you always communicate with a technically experienced person. All network components are under constant monitoring
by our 24×7 technical support.

Reporting & Statistics

Few systems can provide such detailed information as our Fast@Friendly Internet Access®, which can produce reports on what is happening in the system and what are the services your guests request the most. All this in just a few clicks!

On-Site Technical Support

The hotel management can rely not only on the support of the international 24×7 Mikenopa Call Center, but also on the technical expertise and experience of our professionals. We are known for our immediate reaction times and on site troubleshooting. Provide full technical support for the event.