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Covering the whole peninsula with Wi-Fi

Covering the whole peninsula with Wi-Fi

Capsis Elite Resort, one of the most luxurious hotels in Greece located on private peninsula in Agia Pelagia, Heraklion, has been fully covered with Wi-Fi internet solution from Mikenopa.

Boasting private botanical gardens and a zoo, Capsis Elite Resort features 7 fresh-water pools, 7 restaurants, and a spa with hydrotherapy pool. Resembling a Cretan village, Out of the Blue Elite Resort accommodation is surrounded by extensive gardens, a river and 3 beaches.

The hotel now provides its 5 star services also in the field of Wi-Fi internet for its guests.

Mrs. Dia Capsis, President and CEO of Capsis Elite Resort, has said: ”Wi-Fi internet is a highly demanded amenity and we were in search of a high-quality solution for our clientele. Mikenopa has a record of cooperation with sound properties in Greece, which was an important factor in our decision making. Guests’ satisfaction has significantly increased ever since, which was the main goal of this project.“

Mr. Pavel Pohl, Country Director of Mikenopa Hellas, stated: Capsis Elite Resort has used high quality materials like marble or ceramics that are appreciated by guests, but represent a challenge for Wi-Fi signal coverage. Thankfully, we could use our rich experience from all the previous installations and found the way to deliver strong Wi-Fi signal to guest rooms, as well as public areas, while keeping the antennas out of sight.”