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Large scale Wi-Fi installation in Kipriotis hotels

Large scale Wi-Fi installation in Kipriotis hotels

One of the most complex Wi-Fi installations on the Greek market has been performed by Mikenopa Hellas Company in Kos. All Kipriotis Hotels were upgraded with the latest Wi-Fi technology, provided by Mikenopa.

1465 rooms in five neighbouring de lux hotels were covered with Wi-Fi signal from 200 access points, connected via over 15 km of cabling and 60 switches.

This has allowed all guests of Kipriotis Village, Kipriotis Panorama Hotel & Suites, Kipriotis Hippocrates, Kipriotis Panorama Aqualand and Kipriotis Maris Suites to enjoy surfing from the comfort of their rooms.

Mr. Konstantinos Kipriotis, President and CEO of Kipriotis Group of Hotels, has said: ”Luxury accommodation without quality Wi-Fi coverage is no longer an option. We have therefore partnered with Mikenopa, to deliver high standards of service also in the field of internet access, as we do with all other our services.“

Mr. Pavel Pohl, Country Director of Mikenopa Hellas, stated: ”The ever growing demand for internet access and decent speeds are a challenging task for large hotels, especially in rural areas and choice of the right system provider is therefore crucial. I am happy we could once again prove our ability to deliver, no matter what the project size is“.