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Ritz-Carlton Astana

Ritz-Carlton Astana

Mikenopa is delighted to announce partnership with the Ritz-Carlton Astana. The luxury-brand hotel is part of the iconic Talan Towers, the 145.6m tall twin-tower skyscraper in the heart of Astana’s business centre.


Enjoy the full scale of Ritz-Carlton luxury and comfort in the capital of Kazakhstan. The hotel’s modern design will please the eye and the services will make you never want to leave. Guests can opt to stretch their muscles in the indoor swimming pool and the 24-hour accessible fitness centre, to rejuvenate in the hotel’s spa, to enjoy a nice meal in the hotel’s own restaurant, and much more.

Each room is air conditioned and equipped with a flat-screen TV. And thanks to Mikenopa, the whole hotel is now fully covered with fast and reliable Wi-Fi. We are honoured to serve this magnificent hotel.