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Pilot Beach Resort chooses Mikenopa for wireless Internet

Pilot Beach Resort chooses Mikenopa for wireless Internet

Mikenopa Hellas successfully completed another installation of wireless internet system, this time in the five-star hotel Pilot Beach Resort, in Georgioupolis area of Chania, Crete.

Mikenopa carried out a special study to establish systems of the latest technology throughout the hotel, covering an area of 150 acres and through its specialized staff, managed to solve the problem of low bandwidth in the area. Additionally, it upgraded and unified the guests’ Wi-Fi network to provide fully automatic internet access from the comfort of their rooms, without the need for any cards or passwords. All customers of the award-winning resort noted for the quality and scope of its services can now enjoy truly high speed internet connections without any problems, whether they are in one of the 446 rooms or public areas. Last but not least, Mikenopa integrated the system of the electronic ordering of the hotel, via guests Wi-Fi network and this way further utilized the investment.

Mr. Dimitris Papadakis, Owner of Pilot Beach Resort, said: "Wanting to be consistent in our vision for quality service offering to our customers, we trusted Mikenopa Hellas as an internet provider for our hotel".

Mr. Pavel Pohl, Country Director of Mikenopa Hellas, said: "I am very happy because we managed to successfully solve the problem of low bandwidth, that the hotel was facing and to significantly upgrade the wireless internet facilities in such a demanding area in terms of space, geographical distribution and infrastructure (rooms, bungalows, etc.)".