MiKENOPA a. s.

Služby a systemy - Conference services

(Audio visual technologies & HSIA services for events and conferences)

Planning a presentation for your colleagues or a conference for your business partners? Or perhaps arranging major events for your clients?
Then we are the right partner for you! Conference services, i.e. their technical aspect, is the exact field of our expertise.

Effective co-operation

From the very first contact you have our Conference Butler®
Manager dedicated to you throughout the whole event.
We always strive for the closest cooperation that will bring
better communication and – eventually – an excellent result.

AV & IT technologies technical professionals

For each event we provide a dedicated senior technician - Conference Butler®, who is responsible for the quality of technical support and handling of the event. In our team we have experts on AV and IT technologies. You are going to make one event, so your technical needs are handled by one technical team - design, stage construction, lighting, projectors, sound, interpretation, office equipment installation... and wireless Internet.

From an idea to the realisation

We know very well the specific technical features of hotels and conference centers where we operate, which allows us to provide the right technical solutions. We have a vast experience in arranging and supporting events, therefore we can provide you with invaluable professional advice.

Top class event technologies – what we are experienced in?

  • Projection from small projectors up to truly high performance full HD equipment
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Interpretation (simultaneous and consecutive)
  • Conference systems with robotic camera
  • Cameras and video streaming
  • Videoconference
  • Wireless and wired LAN lines for up to 4 000 concurrent users
  • Printers and other office equipment

  • Edge blending - enables projection from several projectors on a wide screen, blending different parts into one overall picture. Your guests will be impressed.
  • Multiprojection - projecting a presentation on several screens in one room or several rooms at once.
  • Dome projection - we provide curved screens in various shapes, even in the shape of a sphere or a dome and project images on such a surface.
  • Chromakey technology - we are able to “cut” the image of a speaker and place it on a screen, together with other image layers on the background.
  • Video mapping - we can give life to a room, a building, a car or just a flow of water... and visualise their story.
  • Tailor Made Stage - a creative approach to stage design according to your preferences.
  • Interactivity - we give you the opportunity to interact with conference participants via voting. This can also be done on smartphones and tablets.
  • Web streaming - more participants an attend your conference on-line, either in real time or later as an official record.

International operations& Know-how

Our technical team of Conference Butlers® operates in a number of places in Europe and Asia.
Every year we organize and support conferences in Berlin, Prague, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Astana... up to Sakhalin Island. Distance is not a problem for us.