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Služby a systemy - Guest Room Entertainment

Cloud management and control of smart TVs, mobile devices and casting solutions. Otrum is providing the leading communication management platform for digital signage & hospitality.

Thanks to our partnership with Otrum we are able to provide these modern services:

Otrum Signage

Otrum Enterprise

Otrum Cast





Otrum´s digital signage solutions provide you with powerful communication through out your property. 
Offer a superior wayfinding service to konference delegate with meeting overview screens and digital door signs. Keep your marketing messages up to date with campaigns and products promotions, managing all your screens and content through a simple web browser.


    Reach you guests, property-wide

    Share the right message at the right time

    Consistent messaging with your branding

    Generate revenue via in-house sales promotions

    ROI from elimination of printing costs

    Enviromentally friendly, reduce,paper usage




    With this interactive TV solution you are able to provide:

    Guest services


    Flights info

    Wake-up option

    Weather forecast

    Web page


    Hotel information


    And many others


    DEMO Otrum standard tile interfaceDEMO Marriott approved interface



    A seamless solution for guests bringing their own content into the guest room:

    Supports Philips “Integrated Chromecast” + external dongles

    Secure authentication of guest’s devices

    All data cleared at checkout (or daily)

    ‘At home’ casting experience

    1000+ apps compatible with Google Chromecast





Cloud based solution, CMS that can be accessed from anywhere

Feature rich, video streaming, integrations to booking systems and RSS feeds, video, pictures, scheduling and flexible template editing

Monitoring and maintaining the screens from anywhere

Scalable solution can have an unlimited numbers of screens and users connected

Secure, high uptime and low bandwidth

Integrations to many platforms, media-players and Smart TV-brands

Easy to install and maintain

Regular software updates